What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness is the skill of being more able to live more fully in the present moment.  This can result in increased levels of concentration and of relaxation.  


Mindfulness aims to achieve these outcomes by learning a range of meditation techniques, with particular focus on the breath and the body.


Building on what you already do


We all practice mindfulness without being aware of it - for example, when we are really "in the zone", fully focussed on our current activity and enjoying ourselves. However, by formally studying mindfulness we can develop skills and strategies such that we can be closer to this experience of "being in the zone" even in challenging times, when confronted by diffculties. How?  By learning  to attend more accurately to our actual experiences of our thoughts, feelings and physical responses to situations.


Why now?


The world appears to be moving ever faster - we can now communicate at the touch of a laptop button with Australia - and yet this increased pace of communication brings with it increased pressures and difficulties.  To balance the enhanced power of technology, we need enhanced personal skills.




Paul Jeffrey Mindfulness runs classes in Cranleigh, Dunsfold and Esher and is available to run classes also in Godalming, Witley, Haslemere, Chiddingfold, Milford, Guildford and Farnham.


Personal benefits


I have enjoyed gaining an enhanced sense of the natural world around me since practising mindfulness, and derive pleasure also in taking photographs of what I see in nature. The photographs above are examples of something I would not have appreciated without my mindfulness practice.


Please enjoy exploring this website further to find out in more detail how mindfulness could help you.



"Paul is a very skillful facilitator; his tone and manner encourage involvement and enjoyment of the classes. The course really helped clarify certain elements of my life"  ST  Cranleigh


"We both really enjoyed the course at Cranleigh and are determined to maintain our mindfulness practice"  AT and EF Cranleigh



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